URL name:


Users login via the allauth.account.views.LoginView view over at /accounts/login/ (URL name account_login). When users attempt to login while their account is inactive (user.is_active) they are presented with the account/account_inactive.html template.


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Users sign up via the allauth.account.views.SignupView view over at /accounts/signup/ (URL name account_signup).


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The logout view (allauth.account.views.LogoutView) over at /accounts/logout/ (URL name account_logout) requests for confirmation before logging out. The user is logged out only when the confirmation is received by means of a POST request.

If you are wondering why, consider what happens when a malicious user embeds the following image in a post:

<img src="">

For this and more background information on the subject, see:

If you insist on having logout on GET, then please consider adding a bit of Javascript to automatically turn a click on a logout link into a POST. As a last resort, you can set ACCOUNT_LOGOUT_ON_GET to True.

Password Management

Authenticated users can manage their password account using the allauth.account.views.PasswordSetView and allauth.account.views.PasswordChangeView views, over at /accounts/password/set/ respectively /accounts/password/change/ (URL names account_set_password and account_change_password respectively).

Users are redirected between these views, according to whether or not they have setup a password (user.has_usable_password()). Typically, when users signup via a social provider they will not have a password set.

Password Reset

URL name:


Users can request a password reset using the allauth.account.views.PasswordResetView view over at /accounts/password/reset/ (URL name account_reset_password). An email will be sent containing a reset link pointing to PasswordResetFromKeyView view.

Emails Management

URL name:


Users manage the email addresses tied to their account using the allauth.account.views.EmailView view over at /accounts/email/ (URL name account_email). Here, users can add (and verify) email addresses, remove email addresses, and choose a new primary email address.

Email Verification

Depending on the setting ACCOUNT_EMAIL_VERIFICATION, a verification email is sent pointing to the allauth.account.views.ConfirmEmailView view.

The setting ACCOUNT_CONFIRM_EMAIL_ON_GET determines whether users have to manually confirm the address by submitting a confirmation form, or whether the address is automatically confirmed by a mere GET request.