You can specify the scope and fields to fetch as follows:

    'linkedin': {
        'SCOPE': [
        'PROFILE_FIELDS': [

By default, r_emailaddress scope is required depending on whether or not SOCIALACCOUNT_QUERY_EMAIL is enabled.

Note: if you are experiencing issues where it seems as if the scope has no effect you may be using an old LinkedIn app that is not scope enabled. Please refer to for more background information.

Furthermore, we have experienced trouble upgrading from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0 using the same app. Attempting to do so resulted in a weird error message when fetching the access token:

missing required parameters, includes an invalid parameter value, parameter more then once. : Unable to retrieve access token : authorization code not found

If you are using tokens originating from the mobile SDK, you will need to specify additional headers:

    'linkedin': {
        'HEADERS': {
            'x-li-src': 'msdk'
App registration (get your key and secret here)

Authorized Redirect URLs (OAuth2)

Add any you need (up to 200) consisting of:


For example when using the built-in django server and default settings:

Development “Accept” and “Cancel” redirect URL (OAuth 1.0a)

Leave the OAuth1 redirect URLs empty.