Amazon Cognito

App registration (get your key and secret here)
  1. Go to your and create a Cognito User Pool if you haven’t already.

  2. Go to General Settings > App Clients section and create a new App Client if you haven’t already. Please make sure you select the option to generate a secret key.

  3. Go to App Integration > App Client Settings section and:

  1. Enable Cognito User Pool as an identity provider.

  2. Set the callback and sign-out URLs. (see next section for development callback URL)

  3. Enable Authorization Code Grant OAuth flow.

  4. Select the OAuth scopes you’d like to allow.

  1. Go to App Integration > Domain Name section and create a domain prefix for your Cognito User Pool.

Development callback URL:


In addition, you’ll need to specify your user pool’s domain like so:

    'amazon_cognito': {
        'DOMAIN': 'https://<domain-prefix>',

Your domain prefix is the value you specified in step 4 of the app registration process. If you provided a custom domain such as provide that instead.