Twitter OAuth2#

You will need to create a Twitter app with OAuth 2.0 enabled and configure the Twitter provider for your Django application via the admin interface.

App registration#

To register an app on Twitter you will need a Twitter account. With an account, you can create a new app via:

In the app creation form fill in the development callback URL:

For production use a callback URL such as:


App database configuration through admin#

The second part of setting up the Twitter provider requires you to configure your Django application. Configuration is done by creating a SocialApp object in the admin. Add a social app on the admin page:


Use the twitter keys tab of your application to fill in the form. It’s located:{project-id}/apps/{app-id}/keys

The configuration is as follows:

  • Provider, “Twitter”

  • Name, your pick, suggest “Twitter”

  • Client id, is called “OAuth2.0 Client ID” on Twitter

  • Secret key, is called “OAuth2.0 Client Secret” on Twitter

  • Key, is not needed, leave blank