The OAuth2 authentication documentation

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Development callback URL


Note that in order to use battletags as usernames, you are expected to override either the username field on your User model, or to pass a custom validator which will accept the # character using the ACCOUNT_USERNAME_VALIDATORS setting. Such a validator is available in socialaccount.providers.battlenet.validators.BattletagUsernameValidator.

The following settings are available:

    'battlenet': {
        'SCOPE': ['wow.profile', 'sc2.profile'],
        'REGION': 'us',

Scope can be an array of the following options: wow.profile allows access to the user’s World of Warcraft characters. sc2.profile allows access to the user’s StarCraft 2 profile. The default setting is [].


Either apac, cn, eu, kr, sea, tw or us

Sets the default region to use, can be overridden using query parameters in the URL, for example: ?region=eu. Defaults to us.