Frequently Asked Questions#


Why don’t you implement support for … ?#

This app is just about authentication. Anything that is project specific, such as making choices on what to display in a profile page, or, what information is stored for a user (e.g. home address, or favorite color?), is beyond scope and therefore not offered.

This information is nice and all, but… I need more!#

Here are a few third party resources to help you get started:

I think I found a security issue… now what?#

Please report security issues only to

You may also want to subscribe to to get notified about security releases.


The /accounts/ URL is giving me a 404#

There is no such URL. Try /accounts/login/ instead.

When I attempt to login I run into a 404 on /accounts/profile/#

When you end up here you have successfully logged in. However, you will need to implement a view for this URL yourself, as whatever is to be displayed here is project specific. You can also decide to redirect elsewhere:

When I sign up I run into connectivity errors (connection refused et al)#

You probably have not got an email (SMTP) server running on the machine you are developing on. Therefore, allauth is unable to send verification mails.

You can work around this by adding the following line to

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.console.EmailBackend'

This will avoid the need for an SMTP server as emails will be printed to the console. For more information, please refer to:


Why did you just close my issue?#

Time is limited and I have to pick my battles. Please do not file the following types of issues:

  • Support questions, installation instructions, “How do I…?”: please direct these questions elsewhere, for example here:

  • Documentation related complaints: while the documentation can most certainly be improved, I am adhering to the debatable principle that keeping open issues around with respect to documentation is not very helpful in improving things. Please step in and file a pull request if you feel there is something unclear.

  • Project specific integration trouble: In cases where allauth is just one piece of the puzzle and for example a stack trace indicates another module crashing, please try to come up stripped version of the issue where it is clear that allauth is the one that is misbehaving.

  • Social login trouble: There are many reasons why the social login for a provider is not working for you. Common causes are errors in setting up the credential for the OAuth app and/or having setup invalid callback URLs. Filing issues stating that things are not working for you is not very helpful. It is simply not feasible to debug your specific setup. If you really do think that there is an issue in allauth, please do the initial debugging and analysis yourself, and, provide detailed information in the issue. If the issue does not point to any concrete issue in allauth, it is likely to get closed.