0.18.0 (2014-08-12)#

Note worthy changes#

  • Storing social access tokens is now optional (SOCIALACCOUNT_STORE_TOKENS).

  • nimiq contributed ORCID support, thanks.

  • All forms are now pluggable via a new setting: (SOCIAL)ACCOUNT_FORMS.

  • James Thompson contributed Windows Live support, thanks!

Backwards incompatible changes#

  • SECURITY: The Persona provider now requires the AUDIENCE parameter to be explicitly configured, as required by the Persona specification for security reasons.

  • The inline Javascript is removed from the fbconnect.html template, which allows for a more strict Content-Security-Policy. If you were using the builtin fbconnect.html this change should go by unnoticed.

0.17.0 (2014-06-16)#

Note worthy changes#

  • sourenaraya contributed Mail.Ru support, thanks.

  • account: Justin Michalicek contributed support to control session life time and age: ACCOUNT_SESSION_COOKIE_AGE and ACCOUNT_SESSION_REMEMBER.

  • Serafeim Papastefanos contributed an Ukrainian translation, thanks!

  • kkarwows contributed AppConfig support, thanks.

  • socialaccount: Added Xing provider.

  • socialaccount: Marcin Skarbek contributed Hubic support, thanks!

  • Volodymyr Yatsyk contributed an Ukrainian translation, thanks!

  • joke2k contributed an Italian translation, thanks!

  • socialaccount: All providers now support the VERIFIED_EMAIL property have email addresses forced to be interpreted as verified.

Backwards incompatible changes#


0.16.1 (2014-03-12)#

Note worthy changes#

  • Facebook login via Javascript was broken if auth_type was not set to reauthenticate, fixed.

  • Support for hooking up a callback when FB.init() is ready (allauth.facebook.onInit)

Backwards incompatible changes#


0.16.0 (2014-03-10)#

Note worthy changes#

  • Nariman Gharib contributed a Persian translation, thanks!

  • The custom signup form save has been deprecated in favour of a def signup(request, user) method.

  • Facebook reauthentication now uses an auth_nonce.

  • Added a new option ACCOUNT_LOGIN_ON_EMAIL_CONFIRMATION, to indicate whether or not email confirmation is to automatically log in.

  • socialaccount: Added Bitbucket provider.

  • Jack Shedd contributed Tumblr support, thanks!

  • Romanos Tsouroplis contributed Foursquare support, thanks!

  • “excessivedemon” contributed Flickr support, thanks!

  • Luis Diego García contributed Amazon and Paypal support, thanks!

  • Stuart Ross contributed LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 support, thanks!

Backwards incompatible changes#

  • Previously, the save(user) was called on the custom signup form. However, this shadowed the existing save method in case a model form was used. To avoid confusion, the save method has been deprecated in favour of a def signup(request, user) method.

  • The Amazon provider requires more space for token_secret, so the maximum length restriction has been dropped. Migrations are in place.