There are several signals emitted during authentication flows. You can hook to them for your own needs.

  • allauth.socialaccount.signals.pre_social_login(request, sociallogin)

    Sent after a user successfully authenticates via a social provider, but before the login is fully processed. This signal is emitted as part of the social login and/or signup process, as well as when connecting additional social accounts to an existing account. Access tokens and profile information, if applicable for the provider, is provided.

  • allauth.socialaccount.signals.social_account_added(request, sociallogin)

    Sent after a user connects a social account to their local account. This is an explicit action and does not get called for the creation of a socialaccount.

  • allauth.socialaccount.signals.social_account_updated(request, sociallogin)

    Sent after a social account has been updated. This happens when a user logs in using an already connected social account, or completes a connect flow for an already connected social account. Useful if you need to unpack extra data for social accounts as they are updated.

  • allauth.socialaccount.signals.social_account_removed(request, socialaccount)

    Sent after a user disconnects a social account from their local account.