Available settings:

HEADLESS_ADAPTER (default: "allauth.headless.adapter.DefaultHeadlessAdapter")

Specifies the adapter class to use, allowing you to alter certain default behaviour.


Email confirmation and password reset mails contain links that by default point to the views from the allauth.account app. In case you need to point these to your own frontend application, you can do so by configuring this setting, as follows:

    "account_confirm_email": "{key}",
    # Key placeholders are automatically populated. You are free to adjust this
    # to your own needs, e.g.
    # "{key}",
    "account_reset_password": "",
    "account_reset_password_from_key": "{key}",
    "account_signup_url": "",
    # Fallback in case the state containing the `next` URL is lost and the handshake
    # with the third-party provider fails.
    "socialaccount_login_error": "",
HEADLESS_ONLY (default: False)

You can use headless-only mode in case your application fully takes care of the frontend, and you do not want for e.g. the login and signup views to be accessible. In this case, including allauth.urls skips those views, yet, still includes e.g. the provider callback views.

HEADLESS_TOKEN_STRATEGY (default: "allauth.headless.tokens.sessions.SessionTokenStrategy")

If you need to change the way tokens are created and handled, you can plug in your own Token Strategy.